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Benefits Of Massage Therapy

How Does Massage Therapy Help

Massage Therapy is widely used in all cultures throughout the world to evoke feelings of deep relaxation and reduced anxiety.

It can be practiced on all age groups varying from new born babies to the elderly.

Massage can stimulate the brains electronic stimulus helping to reduce anxiety and stress with the ability to enhance a person’s mood.

Massage also can decrease cortisol levels (stress releasing hormone) within the body and allows the mind and body to react in a calm and relaxed response, which in turn decreases our levels of stress and tension and improves our mental health and wellbeing.

Massage can benefit not only mood changes but can help medically, allowing for more range of motion in tight and post injured muscles, it can reduce fluid retention and can also benefit by reducing pain caused by medical problems such as Fibromyalia and rheumatoid arthritis. It can benefit the immune and circulatory systems by helping to flush out unwanted toxins from your body.

However, although massage is a very safe therapy you should always consult your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions and you are unsure massage is the right therapy for you.

History of Massage

Evidence of massage therapy dates back to approximately 3000bc in India, and soon after was used in China throughout South East Asia.

The Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all practiced massage techniques with Hippocrates (Father of medicine) using friction techniques as a way to heal physical injuries.

In all evidence found, massage has always been used as a healing remedy and although techniques have varied throughout the years, the principals and beliefs of massage are still very much the same.  Massage Therapy is one of the oldest healing remedies still being used today.

Please see below link if you would like to learn more on the history of massage.